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Reno Manufactured Homes

Pony Express Manufactured Homes is a company that specializes in building manufactured homes in the western US. As well as standard floor plans, they also offer customizable ones which are highly affordable with modern appliances and designs.

Manufactured homes can be less costly than traditional site-built houses, while still being mobile enough to be moved easily between locations – be that private land or manufactured home parks.

Checklist for Finding the Best Dealer

Contrary to purchasing cars directly from their manufacturers, manufactured homes and modular houses are sold through retailers who specialize in their sale. Retailers accept your order, deliver your home directly to its location for installation, provide financing options as well as take your payment in order.

Some retailers specialize in particular types of homes, such as single-family modular, multi-family, or even tiny houses. Pony Express Manufactured Homes produces world-class modular homes throughout Reno Nevada and western United States using a precision engineered process which makes each of its modulars highly customizable and long lasting.

Pony Express in Northern Nevada sells manufactured homes that have been updated with modern amenities and design features.

Find a Dealer in Your Area

Locating new and used manufactured homes in your area can be accomplished through retailers that specialize in these homes, general real estate listings or online manufactured home marketplaces. You may also buy one directly from an established community. In such instances, fees for services, utilities and amenities may apply – this purchase would count as personal property rather than real estate and may come with higher interest rates and reduced consumer protections.

Check Their Financing Options

Mobile and manufactured homes may be less costly to purchase, yet you should make sure you understand their financing options, since these homes are considered personal property rather than real estate and often lack consumer protections. Furthermore, there may be less loan products and terms available as these homes often use chattel loans instead of mortgages to fund them.